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Experience a City Cultural Break this Autumn

At The Grafton Hotel Dublin

Things To Do in Dublin this Autumn

Autumn in Dublin is a time when the city bursts with colours and a refreshing crispness in the air. It's the perfect season for a cultural break in Dublin. While Dublin offers attractions year-round, September and October are particularly special for those seeking a rich cultural experience in the heart of Ireland's capital.


Culture Night Dublin: A Night of Unforgettable Discoveries

Kickstart your cultural journey on Friday, September 22, 2023, with Culture Night Dublin. This enchanting event transforms the city into a hub of creativity, as cultural venues throw open their doors late into the evening. What awaits you are unique events set against Dublin's stunning backdrop. The best part? All the activities are free to attend, making it a memorable night that won't break the bank.

As you stroll through the streets of Dublin, you'll encounter open-air performances, and art exhibitions, and perhaps stumble upon hidden gems you never knew existed. It's a celebration of the arts that brings the community together, leaving you with a sense of connection to Dublin's vibrant culture.

Cultural Night Dublin 2023

Ireland Music Week in Dublin: A Showcase of Emerging Talent

Music lovers, get ready to groove to the rhythm of Ireland's emerging musical talents at the Ireland Music Week in Dublin. Taking place from October 3rd to 6th, 2023, this independent festival and music conference shines a spotlight on the best new and export-ready artists from across Ireland.

Discover the sounds of tomorrow as you enjoy live performances in various venues across Dublin. It's an excellent opportunity to witness the future stars of the music industry in an intimate setting, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Ireland Music Week Dublin 2023

Oktoberfeis: Where Germany Meets Ireland in Celebration

If you're a fan of German culture, beer, and Irish music, you're in for a treat this September. Dublin welcomes the brand-new 'Oktoberfeis,' a fusion of the German Oktoberfest with Irish music, food, and culture. The Dublin event, set to take place on Friday, October 6, at the RDS, promises a delightful blend of traditions.

Imagine sipping on a lovely pint while enjoying the lively tunes of trad bands like The Whistlin Donkeys, witnessing captivating Irish dances, and relishing traditional Irish cuisine. It's a celebration that brings two rich cultures together, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

Oktoberfeis Dublin 2023

Open House Dublin: A Fascinating Architectural Adventure

For those with a passion for architecture and design, Open House Dublin is an annual highlight. This free festival, happening from October 7 to 15, 2023, offers over 100 guided tours, films, exhibitions, and events that showcase the city's architectural gems.

Explore hidden architectural marvels, gain insights into the city's history, and marvel at the creativity of Dublin's designers and architects. Whether you're an architecture enthusiast or simply looking to appreciate the city's aesthetics, Open House Dublin offers something for everyone.

Open House Dublin 2023

Dublin Theatre Festival: A Showcase of the Performing Arts

For theatre enthusiasts, the Dublin Theatre Festival is a must-attend event. Established in 1957, it holds the prestigious title of Europe's oldest specialized theatre festival. Running from September 28 to October 15, 2023, this festival takes you on a captivating journey through the world of theatre, music, dance, and family-friendly performances.

The festival's diverse program includes artist talks, public discussions, and artist development programs, making it an immersive experience for anyone passionate about the performing arts. Venues and locations across the city come alive with the magic of storytelling and creative expression during this time.

Dublin Theatre Festival 2023

Bram Stoker Festival: A Celebration of the Macabre

Dublin takes a captivating plunge into the world of the macabre during the Bram Stoker Festival, held in honour of the legendary author of "Dracula." From October 27 to October 31, 2023, this event immerses visitors in a mysterious and eerie atmosphere that pays homage to Bram Stoker's iconic creation.

Throughout the Bram Stoker Festival, Dublin embraces its darker side, offering diverse activities and performances inspired by Stoker's famous work. Expect spine-tingling theatrical experiences, immersive storytelling, and a chance to explore Dublin's haunting history. With the Grafton Hotel's central location, you're conveniently close to all the chilling delights of this festival, making it a must-visit for those who appreciate the Gothic and the macabre.

Bram Stoker Festival Dublin 2023

Dublin City Marathon: Run Dublin's Iconic Streets

The International Dublin City Marathon, taking place on October 29, 2023, offers a unique way to experience the city's iconic streets, landmarks, and vibrant neighbourhoods. Whether you're a seasoned marathon runner or a first-time participant, this world-renowned event provides an unforgettable opportunity to soak in Dublin's atmosphere while pushing your physical limits.

As you traverse the marathon course, you'll pass by historic sites, feel the energy of enthusiastic crowds, and share the experience with fellow runners from around the world. It's a momentous journey that will leave you with lasting memories. The Grafton Hotel's comfortable accommodations and convenient location make it the perfect choice for marathon participants and spectators alike. After the race, you can unwind and celebrate your achievements in the heart of Dublin, adding another dimension to your Cultural Autumn Break.

Dublin Marathon 2023


When planning your autumn visit to Dublin, finding the right accommodation is crucial. The Grafton Hotel in Dublin 2, stands out as the best choice for your stay. With its prime location near many of the featured events and festivals, including Culture Night Dublin and the International Dublin City Marathon, along with the best tourist attractions in Dublin. The Grafton Hotel ensures you're never far from the action.

The Grafton Hotel offers more than just a convenient location; it provides a comfortable stay. If you're travelling with your family or friends, the hotel offers family-friendly and multi-sharing rooms that can accommodate 3 to 6 people without the need for interconnecting rooms or uncomfortable camp beds.

After an exciting day, you can return to your sanctuary for a well-deserved rest. To make the most of your Dublin City Break 2023 experience, book directly with The Grafton Hotel for the best rates!

Dublin Marathon Accommodation at The Grafton Hotel