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Bee Web Cam

Unveiling Nature's Wonders 24/7 at The Grafton Hotel

The Grafton Hotel

Welcome to the fascinating world of bees, brought to you in real-time through our very own Bee webcam located on the rooftop of The Grafton Hotel. Nestled amidst a picturesque landscape, our bee-n-bee is a haven for these industrious pollinators and an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts to observe their remarkable activities up close.

So, whether you're an amateur naturalist, a curious learner, or simply someone who marvels at the wonders of nature, be sure to tune in our Bee Webcam and witness the beauty and brilliance of bees as they go about their vital work at The Grafton Hotel. Prepare to be captivated, educated, and inspired by the remarkable world of bees, streaming live 24/7.

Why Bees?

Bees are crucial pollinators that play a vital role in maintaining biodiversity and supporting food production. By hosting beehives on our rooftop, The Grafton Hotel can contribute to the conservation of bee populations and help ensure the pollination of nearby plants and crops.

Rooftop beekeeping also provides an excellent educational opportunity for our hotel guests, staff, and local communities. It offers a chance to learn about the importance of bees, their life cycle, the inner workings of a hive, and the benefits of sustainable practices.

We can't wait for our busy bees to start producing honey for us to harvest to use in our restaurants, bar, and culinary offerings. Allowing all guests at The Grafton Hotel a unique and locally sourced experience.

We are committed to promoting biodiversity and reducing our carbon footprint by supporting local food systems through pollination.

Sustainability at The Grafton Hotel

Sustainability is so important to us at The Grafton Hotel. We are dedicated to focusing on continuing to improve our sustainability practices so that we can improve the quality of our lives, protect the ecosystem, and preserve natural resources for future generations, ensuring a future for all.

The Grafton Hotel is one of many sustainable hotels in Dublin and we care about taking into account everything we do. In our case, this includes the packaging we use, the choice of suppliers we choose to work with all the way through to customer service. Going green and sustainable is not only beneficial for the hotel, it also helps us help our guests lower their carbon footprint.